Our Focus — Step 2


Step 2 — Surveying the peaks

Identifying targetable driver alterations

In partnership with academic and clinical collaborators and diagnostic leaders, Elevation Oncology actively evaluates emerging genomic research for true oncogenic driver alterations with a druggable pathway.

We hope to demonstrate how biopharmaceutical and molecular medicine companies can work hand in hand to realize visions that are shared across the precision oncology community. Together, we believe we are pioneering a platform to accelerate the development of precision therapeutics and build toward a future where patients have the option of a matched therapy for every driver alteration – no matter how rare.”

Shawn M. Leland, PharmD, RPh, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Elevation Oncology

Oncogenic Fusion and Driver Mutation Collaboration


We are excited to announce a joint collaboration with Caris Life Sciences to accelerate the identification of targetable driver alterations, and develop potential therapies that could make them actionable.

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  • Identification of emergent genomic alterations of interest due to increased testing and population analysis
  • Novel targeted therapeutic approaches for “rare” (<2% of tumors) clinically relevant alterations
  • Characterization of the mutual exclusivity of driver alterations across tumor types

If you are interested in collaborating to advance the general understanding and clinical relevance of genomic testing for cancer, we would love to hear from you.

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