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Founder’s Letter

July 2020

During the early days of Elevation Oncology, I reflected often on the uncertainty of the cancer treatment journey. As the founder of a new precision oncology company, I constantly asked myself: What should we be doing differently to ease the way for our patients?

Oncology drug development has been a career passion, with a focus on realizing the full potential of targeted and personalized therapeutics. Outside of work, one of my personal passions is mountaineering. I am fortunate to work and live in Denver, Colorado, surrounded by 53 peaks all above 14,000 feet known as the “Fourteeners”. I am far from the first to say this, but they inspired me.

A successful journey to the summit of a Fourteener is dependent on the accuracy and detail of our guide maps and the quality and fit of our tools. In this same way, putting our patients on a successful treatment path requires the ability to clearly map the journey ahead, and a supply of precise treatment tools to meet each patient’s unique needs. Today, advancements in the pairing of genomic testing and precision therapeutics have unlocked a new level of accuracy and detail to the treatment maps we can offer. The technology is here to offer patients radical clarity in their paths forward. However, it is not available to all.

With this realization, our mission became clear: We exist to elevate precision medicines powered by genomic testing to the forefront every cancer treatment journey.

Elevation Oncology advocates for genomic testing for all, because every patient deserves to know what is uniquely driving the growth of their tumor. We develop purpose-built precision medicines matched to these unique genomic drivers, because it’s not enough to just know why a tumor is growing, there must also be drugs available to stop it. We call for collaboration within our research and industry communities, because the treatment of cancer is complex. Only together can our community develop enough unique precision therapeutics to ensure that every genomic test result is actionable and leads to improved outcomes for our patients.

The time is now to elevate how cancer is treated. It is critical that each patient has access to the right physicians, the right tests, and the right therapeutics to treat their individual tumor based on its unique profile. All of us at Elevation Oncology are excited to work with our peers under one united goal – to create better outcomes for patients with cancer. I look forward to embarking on this journey together with you.

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