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Dear Cancer,

Founder’s Letter

October 2021

As we enter into the closing quarter of an eventful year, I’d like to take this opportunity to share a recent reminder of why we began this journey. Elevation Oncology was founded not only to bring new targeted therapies to patients with cancer, but to shine a spotlight on the journey that we as a cross-disciplinary industry are taking to bring about a future where every patient can receive care built around understanding and targeting their unique tumor drivers. This involves asking ourselves some tough questions about the status quo, and what change each of us is in the position to enable.

The passionate team of patient advocates at OffScrip Media recently spoke with Elevation Oncology clinical investigator Dr. Stephen Liu about some of these tough questions in a new sponsored episode of their podcast series OUT OF PATIENTS entitled “Dear Cancer,”. Dr. Liu is an oncologist at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center who has dedicated his career to advancing the treatment of thoracic malignancies including NSCLC, an area of practice that has been truly transformed by precision medicine. He is interviewed by Matthew Zachary, a brain cancer survivor who has channeled his personal experiences into the creation of OffScrip Media, the first audio broadcast network and educational publisher focused on health equity and patient advocacy.

Bringing together the perspectives of patient, patient advocate, health care provider, and drug developer, Matt and Dr. Liu have a truly insightful discussion about the modern challenges facing patients with cancer and their treating physicians today, including:

  • What does the 21st century “Patient Bill of Rights” look like, and should biomarker testing for cancer now be a right?
  • Who is responsible for initiating the conversation about genomic testing and personalized treatment opportunities – the patient, or the physician?
  • Given the rapidly changing landscape of approved and investigational treatment opportunities in oncology, it’s hard for any treating physician to keep up – is it ok for patients to ask for another medical opinion from a specialist?

We invite you to listen in on this conversation on your favorite podcast platform, or in the embedded player below. Furthermore, we invite you to join the conversation, and to help us build forward an industry that advocates for delivering more consistent and equitable care to patients in need. We look forward to working with you.

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